About Us

Nature’s Chalet offers organic and healthy food products – starting from farm fresh produce, meats / poultry, various gluten free products, power foods, wide range of cooking ingredients, preserves and ready to eat products and beverages. MANY of our products are healthier alternatives to the products available at most conventional grocery outlets.

Located in the heart of the growing health hub in Motor City, Dubai, we serve a wide community of residents within a WIDE RADIUS, INCLUDING “HOME DELIVERY”. The creation of this STORE is in response to growing demand from an extensive ethnicity of customers for a specialty outlet catering to the health conscious and the average consumer.

Our aim is to bring organic, natural, handmade products, rediscovering the old traditional cuisine without chemicals additives, dyes and preservatives and with the desire to protect human health and the environment without sacrificing good taste. We do not compromise on taste or quality and products we stock are always made from the finest, most wholesome ingredients possible, being rich with all the goodness from MOTHER NATURE.